Episode 6

March 12, 2019

No Worries Ken

0:00 Kev

Two thirty: I think you should get a will

Five: Taylor was One Ef

Seven: She booked me economy

Nine thirty: She was asleep so I didn't want to wake her

Thirteen: I've had the worst three weeks anyone could possibly have

Fifteen: Towel follow up

Seventeen: Tattoos explained

Twenty two: How Swanny and Dusty met

Twenty four: Pull up your socks

Twenty six: Never seen a runner get a Brownlow vote

Twenty eight: Serious footy insight from Swanny on instinct

Thirty five: Scotty rings in from bike ride

Forty: If you clip Scotty

Forty two: We ring back Scotty 

Forty four: It's not even waking up in the morning

Forty eight: Wayne Schwass cameo

Fifty two: Some serious stuff from Scotty

Fifty six: Scotty runner stories

Hour two: Head smaller than BT

hour five: Bluey McKenna

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