Episode 3

February 19, 2019

Ed wears his heart on his face

On this week's show Scotty opens up about the true heartbreak of being a required player, where Swanny explains why he's such a traditionalist with alarm clocks
1:00 Old school 
3:30 Interlock incident
6:30 Dog Dental
9:30 Texting one handed
11:00 Looks or smell?
13:30 How can you trust Wayne Schwass?
17:00 A surprising fact about Eddie McGuire
20:00 Scotty the goalkicking coach
22:00 Thank God he can play footy
24:00 When you don't get door-stopped
28:00 Media moat
30:30 Required player
33:00 Swanny ever nearly leave Collingwood?
35:30 Living nearby 
37:00 A tough midget
39:00 Abusing Mick Malthouse
42:00 Mick's List
44:00 "I've been fat shamed"
44:30 There's no S
46:00 I rubbed my belly
48:00 Reported at the juniors
50:00 He poked me in the chest
53:00 Feedback from Sheeds
55:00 Swanny and Jesus
1:00.00 Coaches pets
1:04.00 Ice Hockey rotations

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