Episode 22

July 02, 2019

"Kid Looker Afterer"


1:00 The Voice of Reason

2:00 Urban WTF?

4:00 Swanny's tough week

8:00 Zero ratings from the nasty bunch

9:00 Dane house keeping 

16:00 Preparing a look

18:30 Taking a break

20:00 Thanks to our ppl

21:30 Overrated coaches 

24:00 Movie tip

28:00 Tweeting Dane

30:00 Dane's segment 

34:00 Line length

35:30 Lighten TFU

37:30 Do you want cream with that?

40:30 New button

41:00 Social feedback

43:00 Who's back?

48:00 Mer-person 

49:00 The conundrum 

51:00 Interlock titbit 

55:00 Jaidyn Stephenson to Arizona?

1:06:00 Swanny's tips

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Mark D Dempsey

- July 02, 2019

Truly sad if you guys got pulled off the air because of a bunch of politically correct nuffies. Another win for the social justice warriors of the world.

Beau g

- July 02, 2019

The only thing that has ever offended me with this podcast is the fact that you blokes are copping backlash over nothing! This podcast will be dearly missed by many people! I am offended and I am right!
Cheers lads thanks for the laughs

Dennis Coon

- July 03, 2019

Just found you blokes and love your work. The pc lefty dickheads can piss off

Brett Barclay

- August 12, 2019

Scotty can’t be lost to this podcast forever

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