Episode 2

February 12, 2019

Vic Roads and Dole Queues

Show 2 started with a name dropping session and led to Dane reminiscing about visiting Centrelink, the boys take on Jack Watts and non-mate behaviour. Missed phone calls from the club etiquette, hair dressing queries and a serious ending to a fun show
1:00 Scotty name drops Kevin Bloody Wilson
2:30 Swanny name drops Chris Hemsworth and Matt Damon
6:00 Palming off Chris Hemsworth and Matt Damon
9:00 Hollywood Stars >>>>>>> Colac Cup
11:00 Centrelink
13:00 Life Threatening Injury
16:00 Never looked for a job
17:00 Vic Roads
20:00 I'm friendlier on holidays
22:00 Wiesn Pulver
29:00 Faz's Hostage Video
33:00 Missed calls check list
35:00 Ed needs a call back ASAP
37:00 Did I do it?
39:00 Why we are really here
41:00 6 hour hair cut
46:00 The W in AFLW
50:00 Looking for the fight that isn't there
53:00 I had my top off
55:00 Puka Up

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