Episode 18

June 04, 2019

Hard as a cat's head

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1:00 Swanny back from WA Scotty back from death

2:00 Port Hedland feedback

4:00 New word debut

5:00 Racoons

6:30 Chicks we respect

7:30 Scotty the coach

9:30 Carlton required club

12:00 Dobbing

15:30 Melon

17:00 Big in Kawartha 

19:00 Qantas podcasts

20:00 Pinjarra

23:00 Giving back

25:00 G Train G

27:30 Chasing in undies

29:00 Long service

32:00 Life as an influencer

35:00 Sapiosexual 

37:30 Chillies and figs

38:30 Crawf and Hirdy update

41:00 Word of the week

45:00 Goalkicking

48:00 Our ppl

50:00 Social feedback


Jason Jolly

- June 07, 2019

Word of the day, Russian Trombone

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