Episode 17

May 27, 2019

Learn to love your interlock

1:00 Scott needs a hole punch

2:00 Coping mechanism

3:00 Face Time

5:00 Box of sickos 

6:30 Should we cut and paste?

8:00 He's a funny guy

11:00 Scotty WA Brownlow

12:00 Dane brand damage

15:00 Required wife

18:00 Staycation 

19:30 Lunch and dinner

22:00 Older fans

23:00 Time Poor

25:00 Brad Scott required Coach

28:00 Wrestling a pig

29:30 Mick's wheelhouse

33:00 Bec Daniher 

40:00 The beast is getting nervous

48:00 Matty Johns 30 for 30

50:00 Social feedback

59:00 Caty Price G Train

59:20 Swanny's Tips

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