Episode 12

April 24, 2019

C'mon Deidre

00:30 Swanny fighting for life with Bali belly

05:00 Disappearing Air Pods

09:00 Customs debacle

11:00 Pen license 

12:00 Conga Line moron

17:30 You probably remember me from...

19:00 Beep test

21:00 Love Deep

22:30 Ralph leaves the show and recommends you do too

28:00 Pick it up again here - G Train award noms

31:00 What Channel 7 should have offered Dane

32:00 Wrestling a Pig

34:00 Roasting a Lion

36:00 Our ppl

37:00 Actual proper chat about Anzac Day footy and people

49:00 Social media questions

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