Episode 10

April 09, 2019

Tree Hugging

0:30 The world is rooted

1:30 Vegan Rooted

5:00 Dane on protesting

6:00 Scott on protesting

8:00 Duck Season

9:30 The good bit until...

11:00 Pet Nutrition

17:00 Jamie Elliott love

18:00 Dusty Martin 

22:00 Brownlow strategy

24:30 Dane and Billy

27:30 More weekend review

29:00 Leaving early rules

31:30 Scotty tolerating shorter ppl

33:00 Thinner full forwards

34:00 Dustin and the decoy

36:00 Get behind us and those behind us

40:00 Social feedback

41:30 Tree porn and MAFS

46:00 How vegan protests affected Dane

48:00 The Big Man's Adelaide days

51:00 Dane post grand finals

55:00 The dud 3rd player

57:30 Round 4 tips

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